Vir Das’ notebooks ‘Frequent Breaks’ to inspire students

New Delhi, April 20 : Actor-comedian Vir Das has designed the covers of a limited edition notebook named "Frequent Breaks" that he says will encourage students to take breaks from their studies during exam time.

Vir has collaborated with stationery brand Navneet Education for the project as part of beverage brand Mirinda's "Release the Pressure" campaign.

"We've all faced exam pressure at some point in our lives.

As exam season approaches, we tend to lock ourselves up and just study day and night.

"In the midst of all this, what we forget is that while it is essential to study with absolute concentration, it is equally important to take short breaks in between.

"Through this limited edition..., I want to encourage students to take a break, doodle in their notebooks and give their minds time to absorb all the things they've learnt," Vir said in a statement.

Vir has brought alive his interpretation of "Release The Pressure" on the cover of the limited edition notebook with colourful painting featuring a ship sailing into the sunset.

It urges students to look beyond the horizon and seize the world.

After every few pages, the notebook features a series of puzzles, brain teasers and riddles as well as space to doodle, giving students a chance to take a quick break amidst hours of studying.

Inspired by the beverage brand's exam time 'Release The Pressure' campaign, the notebooks are a manifestation of the 45/15 philosophy.

The 45/15 concept encourages students to take a break of 15 minutes after every 45 minutes of studying, as this helps in building better focus and improves the power of retention.

Gaurav Verma, Associate Director, Flavors Marketing, PepsiCo India, said: "Vir Das, with his quirky, fun loving personality is the ideal choice to help us amplify this message.

He is known for encouraging the country's youth to look beyond exam results and the notebook cover designed by him is an extension of the same belief."

As many as five lakh copies of the limited edition "Frequent Breaks" notebook has been printed.



Source: IANS