Vir Das opens up on why his new special was ‘tough’

New Delhi, Dec 17 : Stand-up star Vir Das has dropped a new comedy special, Outside In. He says he did not plan to make this into a show and that getting it to a point where it felt like he wanted to put it out was tough for him.

The comedy special is created out of 30 virtual shows he did during lockdown and features audience joining in from all over the world.

The special captures the mundane aspect of being stuck at home, besides heartwarming stories about everything that lockdown put us through.

The show primarily unfolds through conversations Vir Das has with the audience.

Working from home, he told IANS, "wasn't difficult at all", adding: "I had such minimal equipment so it was quite easy to shoot.

I put a camera on a stack of books and started to shoot. So, in that sense it was not very difficult at all because the entire show was conversation with people across the world, that was a little bit tough because you ended up with having a lot of footage at the end of it."

He added: "Editing was definitely a little hard.

I didn't even plan to put out the special. There were zero plans to make this into a show. I think just getting it to the point where it felt like I wanted to put it out that was tough."

He had earlier shared that the show is dedicated to each one of us who has survived this year.

It will premiere on Netflix on December 16.



Source: IANS