Vivian Dsena: Television and OTT cannot be compared

Mumbai, Jan 22 : Actor Vivian Dsena, who enjoys a loyal television fan following, is not perturbed with the sudden wave of OTT taking over.

He believes that the two mediums cannot be compared.

"Everybody is not an OTT fan, and everybody is not an Indian television fan.

The audience is very neatly separated or rather bifurcated," Vivian tells IANS.

The actor, who rose to fame with television show Pyaar Kii Yeh Ekk Kahani, has reasons to believe that the digital world should not be confused with what television has to offer.

"The digitalisation is in the direction of a digital world so if you compare it with television it would be very different because both the mediums are different.

I don't think OTT should be in competition with Indian television because the basics never change, so television has always been the base of the mass audience platform, and digitalisation is a completely different world," he says.

Having worked in the television industry for almost a decade, Vivian has learnt a few important lessons.

Sharing the pearls of wisdom, he says, "I have learnt to never underestimate any human being in this industry or this world.

Because there are a lot of people who never believed in me once upon a time and now when they met me they said they regret for not believing in me back then.

So you should not underestimate anyone."



Source: IANS