Vogue India cover model from Maldives found dead in Bangladeshi hostel

Dhaka [Bangladesh], Apr. 3 : Fashion magazine Vogue India's cover model was found dead in a room of a hostel dormitory in Bangladesh.

Raudha Athif, a Maldivian medical student, was found dead in her room at a dormitory of a private medical college in Rajshahi city, reported the Daily Star.

She was featured as a model on the cover of Vouge India magazine last year. 21-year old Athif's body was recovered by Police from Nawdapara area, after some of her classmates living in the same building discovered it.

Her classmates saw the body hanging from the ceiling fan with a scarf tied to the neck. Apart from the neck, there was no other injury marks on Athif's body..

Source: ANI