VOIZD debuts social media space with its unique 30 second audio messaging wall

New Delhi [India], Dec 26 (ANI-NewsVoir): After lengthy wall posts and videos, the social media is all set to turn up toward audio messages.

The crisp and short audio message seems getting larger attention of social media freaks. Realizing the vacuum in this space, VOIZD Voice without Fear has debuted in the social media space with its unique application of creating 30 second audio messages wall.

VOIZD Voice without Fear, is world's first anonymous social networking platform allows to record and post a 30 second audio clip instantly.

The highlight of this platform is to express your true feelings without any fear of getting judged or trolled as you will be remaining anonymous for everyone.

The current social platforms do not offer you a space where you can express your thoughts / opinions in your own voice.

Secondly, if you try to be honest about your opinions it's at the cost of becoming a social space victim.

However, on Voizd voice without fear, you can go all out and record and express your opinions in quick 30 sec audio clips.

You can share any experiences that you may have had or even seek advice on matters that you are too afraid to discuss openly.

And all this without the fear of being judged as your real identity is hidden behind a pseudo username (anonymous name that you may change as per your choice) on VOIZD.

VOIZD Voice without Fear, has been specially designed with an aim to provide everybody with the basic right of free speech and to create a social space and community where everyone can share their real thoughts without the fear of ever being judged, labeled or trolled.

It is the only social space at the intersection of audio and anonymity, giving its user power to share their most intimate thoughts and issues without the barrier of language and education, as everyone can speak and Listen.

Purely Visual and text based social spaces often leaves a huge mass of people, with powerful ideas on the sidelines.

Text is limiting, and video is too bandwidth hungry and risky for countries like India. Besides, text lacks the emotive power of expression that voice carries, appealing to our very basic senses.

It is also friction free and has no sign up on boarding. Mastermind behind this concept, Sameer Agarwal, who himself is a victim of social media threats and troll attacks, realized the need and came up with VOIZD.

Speaking about the new audio social space, Sameer Agarwal, Founder, VOIZD, said, "Our society in general has become quite intolerant towards opinions and thoughts which are divergent from mainstream.

So, there was a real need for a platform where one can express true emotions. So, we came up with this safe space where people can be themselves." It protects your identity, so you can go all out sharing what you actually feel without having to fine-tune it (i.e you can be 100 percent real), so basically it gives you the power to share your thoughts without any fear.

It is an anonymous sharing app where you can divulge your deepest secrets to an audience of unknown people, and respond to their secret confessions or questions.

"When compared to the traditional way of posting, using voice added much more value since it accurately reflects the emotion and tone of the person.

For example, reading a status that says "It's a great day" compared to listening to the same line by poster creates a different experience all together," said co-founder VOIZD, Pooja Daswani.

This bootstrapped company, founded by Sameer Agarwal and Pooja Daswani, has a team of curators to monitor the audio space.

Additionally users can also change their voices while posting. Further, the company aims to become the defacto safe social space for people to discuss topics most close to their hearts and is looking forward to onboard around five million users in next 24 months.


Source: ANI