Vowels Advertising LLP announces investment partnership with Chairman India Residences, Ashirwad Somani

New Delhi [India], Dec 29 (ANI-NewsVoir): Vowels Advertising LLP, a leading advertising agency based out of Jaipur has announced formation of investment partnership with Ashirwad Somani, Chairman of Dubai based real estate firm Candour Real Estate and India Residences.

The partnership will allow Vowels Advertising to integrate their services seamlessly across Indian and global markets.

Syed Sarosh, CEO, India Residences (left), Geet Bagrodia CEO, Vowels Advertising (centre), Ashirwad Somani, CMD, Candour Real Estate (Right) Geet Bagrodia, CEO of Vowels has formed this partnership with Ashirwad Somani, Chairman of Candour Real Estate and India Residences to strengthen their position in the market.

"The extensive experience of Ashirwad Somani in the UAE and his global outlook, combined with rich knowledge, will enable us to formulate marketing, advertising and sales oriented strategies for Indian and International clients, which will help them garner leads and generate sales, it would also give us inroads into real estate clients," said Geet Bagrodia.

On partnering with Vowels, Ashirwad Somani commented, "We wanted to team up with an experienced agency which understands and knows how to use traditional as well as digital channels to market products to the intended audience.

With Vowels, we get the capabilities of offering the entire spectrum of Marketing and Sales as a package to our clients." Together, Geet and Ashirwad will co-create new age marketing solutions to address the data driven requirements of markets today.

The partnership will also bring in new and fresh approach to marketing and sale of various real estate projects in India and abroad.

It will also help brands get relevant analytical insights to the intended buyers using real-time technology and traditional marketing techniques.

Geet Bagrodia, commented, "As we enter the era of more personal than persuasive marketing and advertising needs, firms should join hands to co-innovate to solve problems for their clients and customers alike.

This is why we are eager to work with Somani whose experience and knowledge will give us more exposure and help us gain stronger foothold in the market." (ANI-NewsVoir).

Source: ANI