Walk down cinematic memory lane at Classic Movie Festival

New Delhi [India], May 11 : In an announcement that will delight cinema lovers, Navrasa Duende, a production house, is set to host the World's Best Classic Movie Festival on May 27 and 28 at Siri Fort Auditorium, here.

Featuring some of the best-known works of master directors from Hollywood's golden age - Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Capra, the two-day film festival will screen Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' and 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' along with Capra's 'It's a Wonderful Life' and 'It Happened One Night'.

'Vertigo' and 'The Man Who Knew Too Much', directed by the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, are nail-biting thrillers that explore complex themes related to human psychology.

On the other hand, Frank Capra is a director highly regarded for his beautiful stories about ordinary people told through funny, yet heartening films like 'It Happened One Night' and 'It's a Wonderful Life', which also feature some of the most memorable movie characters all time.

The films selected for the festival's maiden installment are regarded among the all-time bests and the greatest achievements for its directors.

These timeless movies have entertained film lovers across generations, also winning several accolades for their masterful storytelling and acting.

Commenting on the announcement, Dinesh B. Singh, Founder, Navrasa Duende, said "Over the years, classic films have had a great influence on film-making and movie culture.

The classics are a great way to get a sneak peek into another era and also show how not only cinema and its styles have changed with acting methods, sound, and effects, but also how society's cultural values have transformed.

This is evident in the stories and plot themes of these films that delve into the nature of the human spirit.

The timeless themes and memorable characters in these films have captured the hearts and imagination of viewers and influenced generations of film-makers after them." Navrasa Duende, in its endeavor to promote the cinematic arts, plans to make the Movie Festival an annual event celebrating films and filmmakers from around the world.

Source: ANI