‘Was holding back, didn’t want to embarrass Clinton, says Trump post first presidential debate

London [England], Sept 28 : Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed that he was "holding back and did not want to do anything to embarrass her (Hillary Clinton)" during the first presidential debate at Hofstra University Monday night in Hempstead, New York.

Speaking at the gathering of about 7, 500 people after the first presidential debate, Trump insisted that every poll showed him winning the debates, reports the Guardian.

He, however, cited only internet surveys to prove this; every scientific poll taken in the aftermath of the debate showed a majority of viewers believing Clinton had won.

Trump's unhappiness with coverage of his widely panned performance showed as three times in the course of the rally, the Republican nominee called out "the corrupt corporate media" and gestured towards his supporters to turn towards the press pen.

In one instance, he even shouted "go to hell". During the course of the rally, the republican nominee constantly revisited different moments in the debate and told of how, before taking the stage, he took a deep breath and pretended as if he was talking to his family.

Recounting his best lines of the debate, he said, "You are experienced but it's bad experience" and touted how he had done well on the issue of trade and exposed Clinton's "real positions" on Nafta, which he described as "the single worst deal you'll ever see".

Source: ANI