Water ‘deluge’ in coach video goes viral, railways responds speedily

New Delhi, July 2 : Passengers of the Bengaluru-Danapur Sanghmitra Express had appealed to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal for help after a stream of water started flowing in from the air conditioning vents of their coach.

The problem was rectified by a Railways team within 90 minutes of the complaint, an official said on Tuesday.

The video of the incident, which occurred on June 29, was shared by a passenger named Suyagya Rai on Twitter, and soon became viral on social media as it was widely shared.

by the Twitter users.

On Tuesday, a senior Railway official said that the problem was solved within one and a half hour of the video being shared by the passenger.

On the cause of the problem, the official said that there was heavy rain and wind when the train, returning from Patna after secondary maintenance at Rajendra Nagar Terminal, was passing through Nagpur section which resulted in accumulation of leaves in the drain hole of the air conditioning plant and consequent water accumulation in its tray.

"As the rainwater fell on the return air duct of the air conditioning unit, water entered inside the duct and into the passenger area.

"On getting the complaint, the on duty AC mechanic attended the problem at very next station by clearing leaves from the drain holes.

All the accumulated water got drained," he said, adding that further no water ingress from the AC duct was reported.

The coupe was also cleaned for the passengers, he said, adding that after the problem was rectified, the passenger concerned acknowledged it on the social media.



Source: IANS