WB Police have sold their spine to their political masters, alleges Babul Supriyo

New Delhi [India], Oct. 20: Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Babul Supriyo on Thursday criticized the West Bengal Police for not being able to control the mob and also added that slaughter houses needed to be shut down for the common good.

Supriyo's reaction comes two days after he was attacked with brick stones while he was on his way to a police station.

"Police allowed these protesters to come near and throw bricks at me. This is the kind of politics going on in Bengal that police lose their spine, they sell their spine." he told ANI.

"This is not the first time, it has happened earlier as well and I assume this would also not be the last time.

I m not going to run away from these threats posed by TMC workers," he added. "The issue was very simple that more than 50 illegal slaughter houses are operating in the middle of Asansol.

When we caught so many of them then they confessed that whole activity is taking place because top ministers get the bribe," the Minister said.

"People of the locality says that they see river of blood on a large scale and many leading daily's were covering this story for past few days that by burning the bones of dead animal, the whole Asansol gets polluted.

If there is a slaughter house then it needs to shut for the common good. It is a police failure. I think it is below my dignity to file a report even. Whatever happened was in front of the camera," he added A video footage of the incident that has surfaced shows a violent mob attacking Supriyo's convoy.

During the scuffle, one of the BJP party workers was also thrashed and his clothes ripped off. The mob pelted stones and thrashed party workers in presence of police officials..

Source: ANI