We don’t wait for opportunities but create them: Qaafiya band members

New Delhi, Oct 15 : Clear that all the hard-work, passion and drive is not just restricted to what they do on the stage, but also in establishing their brand in the market as well, the band members of fusion band 'Qaafiya' say that contacting and connecting with people and agencies, and exhibiting their talent at multiple forums is always an ongoing process.

"This is how to get from one show to another, and from one event to many. Of course, let us not forget the role the audiences play," says band member Rizwan Khan.

Believing that their paths crossed for a reason, the members -- Khan, Gurpinder Pal Singh, Arjun Ghai, Harshit Kumar and Kartik Chandel who were doing well in their individual projects point that it was the quest to produce quality music not constrained to a particular genre, that brought all of them together.

Adding that as musicians, they do not believe in restricting themselves to just one style of music, Singh says, "We are all multifaceted and believe in learning new and different elements of music.

Along with this, there is definitely an audience that believes in heterogeneity."

Talk to them about the two back to back lockdowns and how it hit the events and entertainment industry, and they admit that the going became tough with concerts drying up completely and audiences locking themselves inside their homes.

"Yes, it was really bad with many people losing their jobs. However, let us not forget that we all also found a new way to reach our audiences through digital concerts," asserts Arjun Ghai.

Considering the fact that most Indian bands have had a very short life, with members splitting up after a few years tops, Harshit Kumar feels that not being able to make enough money from their music is one of the major reasons why band members choose to take different paths.

"So, it becomes necessary to be able to grow not just musically but monetarily too. Apart from this, the onus is on the band members to be on the same page and work conjointly, in close association."

The band was recently part of HCL Concerts' 'Soundscapes'.

Lamenting that most companies in India focussed solely on profit maximization while investing little in the social sector, art or entertainment, Kartik Chandel adds, "However, with companies like HCL, we are witnessing a shift.

Let us hope more corporates come forward to do their bit for promoting art in our country."

Though missing live, the members say that the future will have digital and live concerts going hand in hand.

"Of course, live concerts are more entertaining, but with digital concerts, artists now have the opportunity to broaden their audience base in far and remote areas too."

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Source: IANS