Wedding bells for Chinese girl in times of coronavirus

Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh), Feb 4 : Even while there is concern and worry over the outbreak of coronavirus which originated in China, wedding bells chimed for Jihao Wang from Beijing who married Satyarth Mishra at Mandsaur, 4500 km from her home.

The couple entered into wedlock on Sunday.

Jihao said she prayed to God to protect everyone from the coronavirus.

Satyarth, the son of Ved Mishra, a resident of Mandsaur, said everyone was worried about the virus and was wondering if they could get permission to travel to India for the marriage ceremony.

After some sustained efforts, 5 out of 8 people got permission to join the family.

Jihao's parents had wanted to delay the wedding for a couple of months but on consultation with all family members finally decided on the February wedding.

Jihao and Satyarth met in China while studying.

Satyarth was studying for a master's degree in Mass Communication while Jihao was training to be a makeup artist.

Sanskrit mantras were translated into Hindi, Chinese and English in the wedding pavilion.

Satyarth's mother Dr Gauri explained the mantras in Chinese while the others were conveyed the mantras in Hindi and English.

The family denied any worry over the virus as the couple has been in India for quite some time --- isolated from the viral outbreak.



Source: IANS