WEF Centre to work on drone delivery project in Telangana

Hyderabad, July 18 : The World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network on Thursday announced that it will embark on an innovative drone-delivery project called 'Medicine from the Sky' in Telangana.

The project, to run in partnership with the government of Telangana and Health Net Global, will include a comprehensive study of drone-based deliveries for blood, vaccines, medical samples and organs.

The government of Telangana, World Economic Forum and Health Net Global signed an agreement for the project to be stewarded by leaders in medicine, technology and research.

A study will be conducted to look at how delivery drones can be used to improve medical supply chains, followed by a pilot implementation in Telangana, said an official release.

The project will help facilitate better decision-making in healthcare supply chains, focus on alast-mile' deliveries to augment national healthcare programmes, and address issues that affect the medical distribution system.

"We hope that through this pilot with the World Economic Forum, we can inform the Centre on the regulations that can help us positively use drones and unlock the potential of India by harnessing technology," said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries, Commerce and ITE (and) C, Government of Telangana.

"This partnership would embark on a historic effort to pilot the transport of medical supplies using drones," said K.

Hari Prasad of Health Net Global Limited.

"This study will provide an evidence-based approach for implementation of drones in healthcare, enabling emergency-care services to the patients in the shortest time frame possible, thus saving their lives."

"This is a landmark development for unmanned aerial technology in the region," said Murat SAnmez, Managing Director and Head of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network.

"We are pleased to work with the State Government of Telangana on this endeavour. Drones have immense applications in the healthcare sector. The roll-out of Medicine from the Sky project in India could be transformational."



Source: IANS