‘Well-defined goal, focus are key to achieve life’s goals’, says Arunima Sinha

New Delhi, Aug 24 : Believing in the adage 'where there's a will there's a way', Arunima Sinha made the impossible possible and became the first female amputee to summit the Mount Everest.

She made India proud by hoisting the country's flag at the highest mountain peak. At an interactive session on 'Stories That Matter' organized by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Arunima shared her story of challenges, struggles and opportunities, and how she conquered the Everest, by scaling the life-threatening and arduous peak.

Arunima said that after her unfortunate train accident, she was not left with many choices. But being a volleyball player, sportsmanship spirit didn't allow her to give up. She then decided to prove her detractors wrong and made a commitment to herself that she would summit the Mount Everest.

She added that it was essential to fulfill a commitment in life as it boosts one's confidence and helps in winning the trust of others.

Self-motivation is the biggest motivation, said Arunima and added that once you have a clear thought process, well-defined goal and focus than any challenge can be surmounted.

The journey to the Everest taught her team work and also how to survive in the most inhospitable weather conditions.

Reminiscing her journey to the Everest, Arunima said that all around she witnessed deaths which at times left her discouraged.

But then following the mantra 'No pain, no gain', she kept moving ahead and finally reached her ultimate goal.

Arunima said that every person has his/her own 'Everest' and they need to find a way to climb it. But the underlying principle in any tough situation is to realize that you have the power to win against all odds.

Every person is surrounded by hardships but it can be overcome by understanding the problem and then resolving it by putting your heart and mind to it.

In her welcome address Vinita Bimbhet, President, FLO said, "Arunima Sinha is a woman of substance, who has truly scripted her own destiny and reached the zenith of success and has proved time and again that there is no limit to human achievements." "In honor of her phenomenal accomplishment, FLO is privileged to felicitate her.

A fearless women, an icon of inspiration - she is a winner in the journey of life. FLO salutes her and celebrates her for all that she has achieved and all that she out to achieve in her glorious journey as a woman of great substance," she added.

Source: ANI