We’ve become the band we objected to being: Wild Beasts singer Thorpe

London, July 24 : Speaking about the Wild Beasts' upcoming fifth album, the lead singer Hayden Thorpe has said they have become the band they objected to being. "We set up the band to be this kind of fey, effeminate art-band that was reacting to hyper-masculine aggressive rock gestures and in a way we've kind of become it," The Independent quoted the 30-year-old British singer, while talking about his album the fantastic, filthy and egocentric swagger of 'Boy King' as saying post an album listening party. The album was initially planned to be a straight-up "white boy soul" record. "We began to make music with the freedom and the lightness of teenagers again and the guitar and the distortion pedal once more became this weapon against adulthood," he said. Though 'Boy King' is still leaning towards pop and being smooth, groove-laden and gloriously fluid, it's also a crunchy record with lathers of heavy guitar, pulsing electronics and hissing fury. Lyrically it captures the crumbling fragility and toxicity of contemporary masculinity from the perspective of a group of people intelligent enough to see this from the outside. 'Boy King' will release on August 5 on Domino Records.