What is an airport look? Alia defines it well

Mumbai [India], May 17 : The whole 'airport look' things has been in the news for quite some time now.

While some show interest towards it, some are still ignorant about it; and one such person is author Amish Tripathi.

During the trailer launch of his second book of the Ramachandra series, 'Sita- Warrior of Mithila', yesterday, with Alia Bhatt, he questioned the latter, "Don't laugh while I ask this.

What is an airport look?" To which, the 'Dear Zindagi' star easily defined, "Airport look is your look while you are going to the airport.

It has to be both comfortable and fashionable." Explaining it further, the actress said, "When you are walking down the airport, it is almost like you are walking on the ramp.

So, why shouldn't you be fashionable? This is all the airport look is about." However, making fun of the whole ongoing 'look' trend, she added, "But now, it has gone to another spectrum altogether.

It is no more only the airport look. It is 'coming out of the restaurant' look , 'going into the gym' look, it's 'coming out of house' look and so on.

So, basically, there always has to be a look." Speaking at the book's trailer launch, Alia said, "It was great to have met Amish for the first time for his new book Sita - Warrior of Mithila's trailer launch! And I am glad that our first meeting was so special.

I have read the Immortals of Meluha and loved it. I think Amish has a knack of expressing our mythology in a very contemporary modern way. He is bold and brave and I like that about his books! His books are not just books... They are an experience!" In 'Sita - Warrior of Mithila,' Amish showcases Lady Sita in a completely different avatar, unlike anything we have seen or heard in modern times.

In Amish's book, Lady Sita will be depicted as a strong and independent woman, which is truer to many ancient versions of the Ramayan like the Valmiki Ramayan and Adbhut Ramayan.

This unique portrayal of Lady Sita has raised anticipation for the book and the new trailer further creates excitement for the readers.

Commenting on the trailer for his book, Amish said, 'I am delighted to have launched this trailer, to give an audio-visual image of Lady Sita the way She is in my book.

And I am equally delighted that Alia, a strong woman achiever who has balanced commercial cinema with social messages, graced this event to launch the trailer.' The much-awaited book 'Sita - Warrior of Mithila,' will release on May 29.

Here's the trailer of the book:.

Source: ANI