What pushes North Korea to develop nuclear weapons?

Moscow [Russia], May 20 : Secretary of Russia Security Council Nikolai Patrushev has accused the world powers of pushing North Korea towards the development and nuclear weapons and other ballistic missile assets.

Patrushev cited North Korea's isolation as the rationale behind the Kim Jong -un leader's mission to increase the nukes so as to ensure the country's safety.

"Nuclear North Korea is a cause of concern for the international community and Russia is also concerned as this country borders it and we cannot but be puzzled when they develop their missile technologies and nuclear potential,this concerns us," TASS quoted Patrushev as saying.

He added, "North Korea see that they are in isolation and they should ensure their security themselves, and that no one will assist them and see threats for themselves." Patrushev stated that it is high time that world powers should understand their (North Korea) concerns and resume the multilateral talks so as to seek peaceful agreement.

Speaking on the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, the security chief said that Korean peninsula is on the brink of war and accused the powers of provoking the secretive nation by deploying U.S.

warships to the Korean peninsula..

Source: ANI