What to keep in mind while selecting travel bags

New Delhi, June 3 : Always opt for padded backs and check if the backpack has a lot of storage space, say experts.

Sridhar Thirunakara, Founder and CEO, the bag brand Arctic Fox and Srikanth Thirunakara, Director of Outshiny, have suggested the following to keep in mind while choosing travel bags.

* Favourable storage: An old-fashioned backpack has a front pocket for quick access and then a king-sized empty space for whatever you want to keep in it.

For some people, that's enough, but most of us prefer a little more orderliness. So, one should choose a bag with helpful storage slots and pockets which works best in every situation.

A highly variant storage scheme compromises pockets and spaces of all shapes and sizes which are favourable.

*Padded back: When it comes to carrying a bag, lumbar-shaped makes backpacks more comfortable as it is more comfortable, and it shares weight more evenly and are fashionably up to date.

It allows a more natural arch which takes care of back pain issues. Moreover, this type of pack fabricates a small space between your back and the bag, allowing air to move through and help keep you slightly cool while lugging your bag around.

*Multiple chambers: Buy a sleek yet spacious, durable carryon bag/backpack, with complex organisers so that you don't have to carry more than one travel bag.

A good bag must have multiple compartments. This way, you can segregate your belongings and makes them easily accessible.

*Water-resistant fabric: Your pack does not need to be 100% waterproof but semi-waterproof so that everything doesn't get wet in a mizzle.

The material should be thick but lightweight.



Source: IANS