“White Dosa” marking Trump’s victory grabs eyeballs

Chennai [India], Nov. 19 : The news of Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton to emerge as the 45th U.S. President-elect might have left the world shell shocked, but a restaurant owner here is celebrating the win by serving hot and crispy 'White Dosa' also referred to as the "Trump Dosa".

Suprabaa, a local restaurant owned by C.P Mukund has been making headlines for making these scrumptious Dosas'.

Mukund is an admirer of Trump and fond of his speeches and mannerisms. "I have been following U.S. elections ever since they announced the presidential nominees. I have always supported Trump. I personally like his mannerisms, the way he speaks; I wanted him to become the president. I was fed up when several media reports that predicted that Trump would lose, but contrary to that, Trump won.

So, I wanted to do something to celebrate this, and hence I decided to make a Trump Dosa," Mukund told ANI.

When asked about his idea behind naming it 'White Dosa', Mukund said, "Since he is a Caucasian, hence I felt that White Dosa would do the trick; that is why I stuck with white.

I later discussed with my sons about how to make the Dosa tastier. After 10-15 tries, we got ourselves an apt White Dosa, served with mayonnaise and toppings." He said the media's intense coverage has made the uniquely named Dosa very popular.

Source: ANI