White teeth are desired by everyone

Tokyo [Japan], Sept.28 : Compared to average highly priced whitening, it takes only a little bit of time, is inexpensive, on top of it, it's safe, offers no pain, no eating restrictions, and a natural white color forms.

The new DIY whitening method has become a hot topic in the news. The photocatalytic action from titanium oxide and blue LED makes the dirt stand out then decomposes it.

Titanium oxide does no harm to the human body, and is effective in suppressing the periodontal bacteria and plaque removal.

LED light uses a safe wavelength and can be utilized by a wide range of users regardless of their age or sex.

A event MC said, "The first step is to put on the mouth opener, then getting the moisture removed from the teeth.

After soaking the solution for the teeth and putting on the eye guard, the next step is just pushing the start button." A visitor to the fair in Tokyo said, "It is simple, therefore it is the best.

It doesn't need a lot of space." Since this machine doesn't take up too much space and is cheap, it can be utilized in many fields, such as dental clinics, beauty salons, drugstores, rehabilitation facilities, gyms, etc.

It has been used in more than 700 places in Japan. Teppei Tsunoda, CEO, CHARION Co., Ltd., said, "In Europe or the USA, people have a high level of teeth awareness.

I hope the awareness on teeth in Asia can be elevated and this service can be available everywhere." Compared to the 80 percent population in the US are experienced with whitening, although in addition to Japan, there is a high degree of interest in Asia, there is a small percentage of people who have actually tried it.

It's a field that will continue to grow..

Source: ANI