Whom ‘King Arthur, Legend of Sword’ shares DNA with, shows its trailer

Washington.D.C., July 24 : The recently released trailer of Charlie Hunnam starrer 'King Arthur, Legend of the Sword' hinted, the film shares DNA with a crime thriller and a fantasy epic. Speaking about the movie, director Guy Ritchie said, 'King Arthur, Legend of the Sword' is 'Lord of the Rings' meeting 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,' reports Entertainment Weekly. "I've always sort of pitched this, but I'm not sure if anyone at the studio will like this, but when my friends have asked me about this film, I've said it's Lord of the Rings meets Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. As unlikely as the two films collide and seem, that seems to be what we've created here," said the 47-year-old director. The flick will also have Mikael Persbrandt in a villainous role. Making its debut at Comic-Con on June 23, 'King Arthur, Legend of the Sword' defies the typical portrayal of King Arthur. According to Hunnam, the film focused on "the reality of who this dude is." "He's a guy who's growing up in abject poverty, but he's a survivor. So, we created this sort of street version of him where he's like a bit of a rude boy," he added. The adventure flick will hit screens on March 24, 2017.