Why Adam Sandler’s mom isn’t so happy about his Netflix deal

Washington D.C. [USA], Apr. 8 : Adam Sandler's multi-film deal with Netflix has got everyone's heart racing but one - his mother. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 50-year-old comedic actor explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live that his mom doesn't know how to use Netflix even though his brother set it up for her so she only has to press a button.

"Has [your mom] figured out Netflix yet," Kimmel asked, to which Sandler said that no, she still struggles with it.

"It's a horrible thing. This is my third movie for Netflix that my mother won't see." The 'Blended' star said that his mother gets "so upset" about not being able to use Netflix, asking how you do it and saying, "It's going to start trouble." "She's just going to skip my next eight movies and then we will get her back," laughed Sandler.

The comedian recently signed a second four-film deal with Netflix. The first two movies released under his first deal - 'The Ridiculous 6' and 'The Do-Over' - are the biggest film releases ever for the streaming service.

His third movie, 'Sandy Wexler,' starts streaming on Netflix on April 14..

Source: ANI