‘Why should I stand in line if account is mine, money is mine: Sibal

New Delhi [India], Nov. 12: Congress party leader and lawyer Kapil Sibal on Saturday questioned the centre on demonetisation issue and asked why common persons like him had to stand in line when the bank account and the money was his.

Stating that the decision was not well thought out one and made in haste, Sibal said,"My question is...account is mine, money is mine, then why should I stand in a line." Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party had informed its friends about the demonetisation of currency notes before hand and claimed that he had evidence to prove his charge.

He also demanded a complete rollback of the move as it is creating panic among the common people and giving rise to rumours of shortage of essential commodities.

The allegations also come at a time when the people are thronging banks and ATMs to withdraw and deposit cash.

The government had kept the banks shut for one day and ATMs for two days after the announcement in order to prepare for the rush for cash.

Source: ANI