WikiLeaks posts excerpts of Clinton’s closed-door Wall Street speeches

Washington [US], Oct. 8 : WikiLeaks has posted thousands of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, including what appears to be excerpts from transcripts of closed-door speeches Clinton gave to Wall Street companies after leaving the US State Department.

WikiLeaks, which has been alleged to work with Russia, also promised to post more from a trove of more than 50,000 it has access to, reports the CNN.

Clinton's campaign has, however, not confirmed the authenticity of these documents but has not disputed the contents as well.

The US Democratic presidential candidate's comments to financial firms, if legitimate, would validate what supporters of Bernie Sanders long said about her: Clinton is a fake populist who is really out of touch with the middle class.

But the timing of the leaks, well after the Democratic primary and the same night video emerged of Donald Trump bragging about being able to grope women, could blunt any political impact.

The speech excerpts shed light on Clinton's relationship with Wall Street behind closed doors, as well as her positions on issues such as trade and regulation.

Clinton's presidential campaign has sought to cast the former secretary of state as a fighter for the middle class, someone who will stand up to monied interests and corporations, and advocate on behalf of people who have seen wages stagnate over eight years under President Barack Obama.

The emails released Friday range from menial email blasts and newsletters to highly sensitive internal campaign discussions from inside.

And they come just hours after top national security officials accused Russia of trying to influence the US elections through highly-coordinated hacks.

Podesta fired off a series of tweets Friday night, blasting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and pointing to Russia as the source of the hacks, although there is no official link between his specific emails and hacks by Russia.

Source: ANI