Will ensure Obama Care does not get repealed under Trump administration: Josh Earnest

Washington DC [USA], Nov. 10 : White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has said the Obama administration would make sure that policies like the Affordable Care Act, referred to as Obama Care, climate change and Iran deal would remain in force, and added that the President-elect Donald Trump would be briefed about the status of these policies.

"I am not going to speak and predict what kind of policies he is going to make and he was pretty explicit in the campaign trail, but part of a smooth transition is to ensure that they have the latest available information about the status of the policies and that something our administration is committed provide it," said Earnest while responding to a poser about the continuation of policies under the new administration.

Trump has been one of the staunch critics of Obama Care. He had said that he would immediately "repeal and replace" once he is elected to power. "The president-elect, when he enters office he will have his own opportunity to set the course of the health care policy in this country in a way that he sees fit.

It's going to require some cooperation with Congress and that won't be easy," Earnest added. Emphasising that Barack Obama would be the President until January 20, Earnest said the administration would ensure that these policies are successfully implemented and carried forward under the Trump administration.

"This administration continues to make a strong case that the people should go to healthcare.gov, consider the options that are available to them and sign up for health care and the vast majority of people who do will be able to purchase health insurance for 75 (Dollar) a month or less.

That is a policy priority that benefits the American people immensely since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, 20 million Americans have access to health care," Earnest said.

Trump won the US presidential election yesterday in a stunning victory as he took the key swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

Clinton conceded her defeat after Trump ended the long election by grabbing 276 electoral votes from 27 states, six more than the 270 needed to win the Presidency.

Source: ANI