Will fight against triple talaq: Muslim cleric

Hyderabad (Telangana), Mar 15 : Muslim Cleric Maulana Yasoob Abbas on Wednesday said that he will fight against the system of Triple Talaq.

Asserting that a man cannot divorce by merely saying talaq thrice Abbas said," By only saying 'Talaq' thrice you cannot get divorced.

For divorce you need a witness. No one cannot divorce his spouse by saying talaq thrice in a sitting." "The matter is in the Supreme Court, the government of India has expressed its views.

I want that this system of triple talaq ends and we are fighting for it," he told ANI. Several women have filed a petition before the Supreme Court seeking the quashing of the triple talaq practice.

The Central Government has also told the top court that it is against gender injustice and for equality between men and women under the Constitution.

However, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has defended the practice, saying it is better to divorce a woman than kill her.

"The rights bestowed by religion can't be questioned in a court of law," it said..

Source: ANI