Will give befitting reply to Congress in Parliament on demonetisation: Centre

New Delhi [India], Nov. 13 : With the Congress Party giving a notice to discuss the issue of demonetisation in the Parliament's winter session, the Centre on Sunday responded saying that it will give a befitting reply to the opposition on the matter over the bold step taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju told ANI that after the bold decision of demonetization, many people are facing inconvenience, but activities that encourage terrorism, be it black money, fake currency or be it illegal transaction had to be stopped.

"Parliament is about to start. It is the duty of the government to answer to the issues raised during Parliament session, and if they will raise this issue, then it's their choice, we will give our reply," Rijiju said.

"What all activities are done to encourage terrorism in India, be it black money, fake currency or be it illegal transaction had to be stopped.

After this bold decision, many people are facing inconvenience, but we had no option left," he added. He further requested the opposition parties that this is not the time for them to play politics, instead the entire country should get together to fight against terrorism and corruption.

The Parliament's winter session on November 16 with the opposition Congress on Friday giving a notice, seeking suspension of business on day one to discuss the demonetisation issue.

Several other opposition parties, including the Left, Trinamool Congress, BSP and SP, are criticising the government for the sudden decision to withdraw Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, sources in the Congress said it is in touch with others to ensure coordination on the House floor.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday warned that no Indian citizen with unaccounted for cash would be spared by the government.

Addressing Indian diaspora at Kobe, Japan, He said," I salute each and every Indian for supporting the decision of scrapping of Rs 500/1000 currency notes." "Many families had weddings, health problems...yes they faced inconvenience but they accepted the decision.

Money that has been looted has to be recovered. And the rules have to be same for everyone. This government will do everything to protect the interests of honest citizens," he added. Prime Modi further said India needs to be free from the menace of poverty, while adding that it was important to keep the decision of demonetization a secret and couldn't share it with anyone.

"I am sure whatever happens in India makes you very proud. The good in India is happening due to 125 crore Indians. India is getting historically high FDI and is moving quickly on the path of economic progress, despite two years of serious drought, the entire world has acknowledged that India is the fastest growing large economy globally," he said.

Source: ANI