Will sit down with President Trump for positive deals: PM Modi

Houston, Sep 23 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched India as an attractive investment destination and said that with the "economic miracle" being wrought in the US under President Donald Trump, he would sit down with the US president to work out some deals.

Speaking at the Howdy Modi event, PM Modi said that India can achieve its target of becoming a (Dollar) 5 trillion economy if it remains focused.

He said the country would focus on infrastructure and exports and creating a "people friendly, investment friendly atmosphere".

"We target to spend (Dollar) 1.3 trillion on infrastructure," PM Modi, said adding that in the past five years, India's growth has been at 7.5 per cent, which no government in the past has managed to achieve.

"For the first time, inflation is low, the fiscal deficit is low.

We are a major FDI destination," said Modi.

"President Trump has wrought an economic miracle, and this will be 'sone pe suhaga' (beneficial for India).

I will sit down with President Trump, and we expect some positive result."

On a lighter note, he said: "President Trump calls me a top negotiator.

But he himself is mahir (great) in the art of making deals. And I myself am learning a lot from him."



Source: IANS