Witness the supreme achievement of 19th century classicism ‘Swan Lake’

New Delhi [India], Mar. 29 : PyotrIlyich Tchaikovsky's classical ballet 'Swan Lake', one of classical ballet's most beloved pieces, is set to come alive on the Indian stage as NavrasaDuende, a leading production house, announces to collaborate with Moscow-based Royal Russian Ballet and enthral the Indian audience.

Swan Lake is the most beloved and quintessential classical ballet, a timeless story of good versus evil.

From the first yearning bars of Tchaikovsky's score, it beckons you to another world, with its bewitched swan queen, doomed prince, glittering villainess and drifts of white tutus.

Beautifully crafted and sensually romantic- it's simply stunning. Rarely does a ballerina not dream of dancing the stunning swan Odette/Odile. The twinned role of the radiant white swan and the scheming, duplicitous black swan tests the full range of a ballerina's powers.

Adored by audiences for over a hundred years, Swan Lake is the most famous ballet in the world. Commenting on the announcement, Dinesh B. Singh, Founder, NarvasaDuende said, "Tchaikovsky's romantic, haunting and ageless music, magnificent costumes, sets, an all international cast and visual experiences will be very refreshing to the Indian audience.

Swan Lake was our first choice because we wanted to introduce Indian audience to the best of western classical music, dance and theatre, and the ballet is sure to appeal to all age groups." The all international cast includes the world famous ballet directors AnatoliyKazatskiy, Mikhail Bezzubikov, and ballerina KlyuyevaIryna.

The sublime transcendence of choreography that has been passed down generations after generations is unmatched, and the music of Tchaikovsky's is never more attuned to the struggles of the heart than in this poignant work.

A truly international troupe of dancers will create mesmerizing elegant swans. NavrasaDuende conceives, creates, designs, manages and promotes unique productions across the world in a wholesome way, covering music, dance, theatre, cinematic arts, visual arts, literature, tourism, and events, at times blending multiple genres.

With an innovative approach aided by latest technologies, Navrasa Duende plans to reach a wide audience and not just one particular age group of people around the world to promote multiple art forms and cultures through an assortment of productions and performances.

Source: ANI