WOAH! Miley Cyrus shows love for Indian culture

London [UK], Feb. 6 : A few years back Miley Cyrus thanked Indian fans for liking the singer's official Facebook page by saying 'you are awesome'.

But, now it seems her love for India has just gone to a whole new level. The 'We Can't Stop' hit-maker took to Instagram and posted a photo of her house decorated with candles and flowers captioned '?PUJA ?'- a Hindu word used for a prayer ritual.

The 24 year-old, also shared a picture of a close-up of a makeshift shrine consisting of images of gods with fruit and food in front of them.

"Fruit bowl over Super.....#offering," she captioned the photo, reports The Daily Mail. In one photo the pop star showed a room with cushions arranged on mats on the floor which was scattered with flower petals.

Earlier she was seen carrying large colorful cushions into a building near her Malibu home. Among her many tattoos, Miley has several tattoos which have deep meanings in Hinduism. She has a karma finger inking and also the symbol Om inked on the inside of her left wrist..

Source: ANI