Women are stronger species, we need to stand up for them: Priyanka Raina

Noida, Jan 15 : Priyanka Raina, wife of cricketer Suresh Raina and also an entrepreneur who runs a foundation dedicated to aid underprivileged mothers across the country, says that women are the strongest species on the mother earth and we need to stand up for them to make them stronger.

Priyanka founded Gracia Raina Foundation, named the couple's daughter Gracia, in May 2017.

It is dedicated to creating awareness and works closely with mothers and children who require help ranging from physical and mental issues.

Talking about the current situation of women in India and around the world, does she see any hope in days to come, Priyanka told IANS: "I definitely see a hope."

"And that is one of the idea behind my current show on Radio where I not only talk to the victims and share their experiences but also have a conversation with people who are taking initiatives to make a change.

There are many organisations and women who can be examples for many others."

"A lot has been changed and a lot will change in days to come," said Priyanka who is once again heard on radio anchoring a show titled "The Priyanka Raina Show".

Aired on 93.5 RED FM, the show is aimed at creating amicable atmosphere for women and educate everyone about how important a safe environment for women in the country is.

She feels that women are the strongest species who needs support.

"Women are stronger species on earth and they are full circle.

We need to stand for each other, we need to make each other stronger. We need to uplift each other," she said adding that more films should be made on "Reproductive health care and female foeticide"

In her show, Priyanka talks about issues like domestic violence, acid attack, girl child education, sexual harassment, gender biased and equality and menstrual hygiene.

She also discussed some of the examples of women of courage and taboos related to women for instance single mother and widow remarriage.

Talking about some of the examples that really made her emotional , she said: "I was at the orphanage where I met a child aged seven or eight.

He could not move but the moment he saw me, he was in tears but could not talk and express himself.

I could see he was in pain. He was abandoned by birth and I cried that day."

"This is just one incidences. I also women when who are not even allowed to go out of their house...If men can make choices , women can also make choices .

There are cases of domestic violence where women are abused and beaten up for having a say during pregnancy .

Also female foeticide was a topic where we discussed about abortion.

"Having a child is most overwhelming experience of women life and if she has no say in that also than what more," she said.

So is being a star cricketer wife helping her in raising more awareness?

"I don't want to call myself celebrity.

Yes most of us are very privileged where we are able to make choices about future, it is our responsibility that we strive to give back to our society.

I just work on same lines. When we reach out to people without raveling our identity, they are always open to be associated and make a change in society," she said.

Priyanka feels that In India now, most people are working to bring a change.

"They don't really have to start a foundation or NGO to do it.

That kind of mindset is really helpful," she said.

But isn't she scared raising her daughter in a situation that is so cruel to females?

"I think all parents are concerned about children.

Safety is always a concern and we all want to give the safest environment to our kids whether it is in India or outside.

Raising Gracia is our first priory," she said.

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Source: IANS