Women’s pics, seductive talks lured Raj man into ISI spying trap

Jaipur, Jan 13 : A resident of Rajasthan arrested on espionage charge was lured by Pakistan's ISI operatives into spying and passing on sensitive information to them by sending him pictures of naked women and through seductive talks on the social media, officials said on Wednesday.

Satyanarayan Paliwal, 42, a resident of Lathi in Jaisalmer district, told his interrogators that the 'women' who chatted with him on social media shared naked pictures, in lieu of which he passed on information about the Army's movement in the border areas.

He misused his social media account to share the sensitive information with the Inter-Services Intelligence, with which he was in touch for a long time, Indian intelligence officials claimed.

Paliwal was arrested last week under the Official Secrets Act on the charge of spying for the Pakistan intelligence agency.

After his arrest, the Rajasthan Police said that Paliwal was booked and arrested by the CID (Special Branch) for espionage and that he confessed to be in touch with an agent of ISI and possessing sensitive military information.

Paliwal has since been brought to state capital Jaipur for interrogation by the Army and state intelligence.



Source: IANS