Yamunotri – Travel in India


Just like Gangotri (the place where the river Ganges originates) Yamunotri is the place where the river Yamuna originates. This pilgrim center is in the Uttarkashi region at a height of 3233 mts above sea level on the western side of the Banderpoonch peak which is at a height of 6316 mts above sea level. The last bus stop is Hanuman Chatti which is 14 kms away by foot.


Ponies, horses and hand drawn palanquins are also available. The temple here has an idol of Yamuna. The old temples are being renovated. Surrounding these temples are many lakes and natural hot water springs. The whole trek to the temple passes through many large and small rivers, lakes, canals, forests, waterfalls, villages and meadows. This ancient temple was made by the King of Tehri, Pratap Shah in 1919.


Places of Interest:

Yamuna Devi temple: This temple was built in the 19th century by a descendent of the Jaipur royal family. It is said that this temple was destroyed twice by landslides and was reconstructed again in the 20th century. Due to heavy snowfall this temple is closed from November to May.


Surya Kund: Close to the Yamuna Devi temple, there are many hot water springs of which Surya Kund is the most important. In this spring the water is so hot that people boil rice and potatoes here by tying them in a cloth and immersing them in the water for a while.


Saptarishi Kund Lake: 10 kms from Yamunotri, this is an extremely difficult journey covered with ice. This is the actual place where Yamuna rises. The water of the glaciers gather in this lake. The colour of the water here is a deep blue. On the banks of the lake are naturally carved slate stones. The rare Brahma Lotus grows here.