Yeezy keeps low-key as he leaves gated home in 750k supercar

London [England], Dec. 21 : Looks like Kanye West is keeping a really low profile in recent days, hence remained unnoticeable as he headed out in his 7,50,000 pound Lamb.

The 39-year-old rapper was spotted heading out of his Los Angeles mansion in his blacked-out Lamborghini on Tuesday, reports the Mirror.

He was hospitalised for exhaustion and sleep deprivation last month, spending time at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Yeezy's rare outing came as it emerged that multiple staff at the US medical centre, where he was treated for his breakdown, were reportedly sacked for trying to access his medical records.

Reportedly, the staffs were 'curious,' when the star was admitted and tried to gain access to his records on the computer.

According to sources, hospital chiefs have launched an investigation. They told, "Kanye West's stay at UCLA Med Center had some staffers hunting for medical info, according to multiple people at the facility," adding, "A slew of people couldn't resist attempting to look at his info in the computer.".

Source: ANI