‘Yeh Ballet’ all set to be screened at London Indian Film festival

New Delhi [India], June 12 : Sooni Taraporevala's first virtual reality film 'Yeh Ballet' that captures the journey of two boys from Mumbai's chawls to a ballet school in the US, paves its way towards international film festivals.

The film is going to be screened at the Sheffield Doc fest UK, and is also marching its way towards the London Indian Film festival.

Produced by National Award-filmmaker Anand Gandhi's Memesys Culture Lab and directed by photographer-writer Sooni Taraporevala, 'Yeh Ballet' follows two male ballet dancers: Amir, 15, and Manish, 21.

The boys don't let their marginalised backgrounds come in the way of their dream: to be part of American Ballet Theatre NYC.

The film catches the journey, from practising in the Mumbai local to waiting with their families for the leap to the US.

Source: ANI