‘Yeshu’ actor Aarya Dharmchand talks of compassion, kindness

Mumbai, Dec 24 : Actor Aarya Dharmchand, who plays a pivotal role in Yeshu, a TV show inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, has emphasised on the importance of compassion and kindness in these difficult times.

"It is often said that tough situations make you a strong person, but I would like to add that it also makes you equally sensitive.

Compassion and kindness are a few virtues that I have always believed and followed in my life. These are indeed a few of Yeshu's core beliefs who emphasised love, compassion, forgiveness and peace as the righteous ways of life.

In these challenging times, these two virtues have motivated me to help others, to be kind, and to give and support others, bringing a sense of hope and positivity," said Aarya.

Speaking on Christmas eve, the actor added: "Christmas is not just about decorating your house, exchanging gifts and baking scrumptious meals, but also about spreading smiles across the lesser fortunate people.

May this festivity bring lots of joy, good health, peace and happiness in everyone's life."

Yeshu airs on (and) TV.



Source: IANS