Yogeshwar differs with Gurmehar, says our ‘views not alike’

Sonipat (Haryana)[India], Mar. 1 : Olympic wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt, who was trolled on social media for his rant against Gurmehar Kaur, on Wednesday said he is not against the Delhi University student but their views are different.

"I am not against her views, but our views are not alike. It is very big thing to sacrifice one's life for the country. The entire nation is supporting her, but my mindset is little different from her. I even think that whatever she has said is not her own views, I think she has been used and has been pressurized to do this," Dutt told ANI.

He also suggested that Kaur should not use her father's contribution for her personal benefit but should keep the country's interest above all.

"Those who lose their lives in war and in fight against terrorism, their contribution is towards the nation and not on personal levels.

So, she should not use her father's contribution for her personal benefits but should keep the country's interest above all," he said.

"Every day one or the other soldiers lose their lives for the country due to terrorism. Nobody knows where these terrorist are harboured and trained. The entire world says that it is Pakistan which nurtures terrorism and because of them terrorism is spreading its wings in the world.

If Pakistan did not kill our soldiers then who did? We were fighting a war against Pakistan. Weren't we?" he asked. The Olympic wrestler, who was trolled on the social media after comparing the 20-year-old Delhi University student with Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and a Black Buck of Salman Khan's Black Buck case, said: "This biggest problem that these days people just come up and say what they think on the right of freedom and expression." "Sometimes, while practicing their rights, they even talk about dividing the country.

It is unfortunate that there is not law to punish the one who speaks against the country. Nobody has the right to talk against the country," he added. He also suggested Gurmehar to distance herself from such people, who are just using her to spread 'anti-nationalism'.

"Some people just don't know what will be the outcome of their statements. It is important to sideline oneself from politics. There are a number of politicians, who use such thing for their personal benefits and have nothing to do with the nation," he said.

Gurmehar, the daughter of Kargil martyr Captain Mandeep Singh who alleged rape threats over her social media campaign, yesterday staged a protest march along with some students against the campus violence.

In a series of tweets, the 20-year-old also appealed to others to join the "Save DU" march at the Delhi University campus by students and teachers in huge numbers.

Kaur was given police protection earlier after she was trolled with tweets threatening rape over her Facebook post against the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

Clashes erupted last week after the ABVP students allegedly manhandled and thrashed students protesting the cancellation of an event at Ramjas College at which controversial JNU student Umar Khalid was scheduled to speak.

Source: ANI