Zebra Technologies introduces new mobile touch computers

New Delhi, Oct 3 : Zebra Technologies, a global leader in providing solutions and services to enterprises, has unveiled its next generation of enterprise-class hand-held mobile touch computers.

The new devices are designed to help retail, manufacturing and transportation and logistics companies empower their front-line workers to deliver a superior level of customer service and satisfaction, Zebra Technologies said in a statement on Wednesday.

To be available in India at the end of the fourth quarter of this year, the new touch computers build on Zebra's highly-successful TC51/TC56, TC70x/TC75x and TC70/TC75 touch computer series and bring enhanced Mobility DNA (M-DNA) suite of productivity, administration, end-user applications and developer tools, the statement added.

"Zebra is a global leader in enterprise mobile computing solutions offering Android-based enterprise-class devices designed with front-line workers, workplaces and workflows in mind to give businesses a performance edge," said Archana Khetan, Vice President Product Management, Enterprise Mobile Computing at Zebra Technologies.

"The new TC5x and TC7x mobile touch computers are designed to enable customers to improve workforce productivity, increase staff collaboration and safeguard sensitive data and connections on a field proven device that has been successful for over a million customers," Khetan added.

The new touch computers offer four new enhancements to the M-DNA suite designed to drive improved workforce productivity, security and connectivity.

These enhancements include the "PowerPrecision Console" that provides IT administrators with push notifications and an easy-to-read dashboard indicating colour-coded battery health and status across a fleet of devices to easily spot and remove ageing batteries.

Its "WorryFree Wi-Fi" technology supports workforce productivity with superior network connectivity and fast roaming, the company said.

The "GMS Restricted Mode" offers IT administrators the ability to customise device access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) to improve work efficiency, privacy and security.

The new devices also come with "LifeGuard for Android" feature that delivers aggressive security/patch updates, Zebra Technologies said.



Source: IANS