Zeta, Sodexo tie-up to create a unified platform for digital employee benefits

New Delhi [India], May 22 : Fintech start-up Zeta, which offers digital employee benefits for tax optimisation, has tied up with Sodexo Benefits and Rewards India for administration of digital employee benefits in the country.

The partnership will help Sodexo bring cutting-edge technology solutions developed by Zeta to offer a range of integrated employee benefits to all its corporate clients.

With this alliance, Sodexo's three million daily consumers will get access to simple and user-friendly technology solutions to enjoy their everyday meal benefits.

Zeta on the other hand, will get access to Sodexo's expertise in the B2B domain of sales and fine customer service.

Zeta has been disrupting the meal voucher industry by leveraging technology to ease the process of issuing, receiving and spending the prepaid Instrument for meals and other employee benefits.

Within a short span of two years, Zeta has accumulated a client base of over 800+ corporates spread across India and has over 100,000 end users.

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards globally has 60 percent of its business volume managed digitally and uses latest technology to deliver world-class services.

In India, the brand embarked on the digital journey in 2015. The Sodexo Meal Cards are already accepted at 30,000 terminals across 700 cities in India making it the only company with a proprietary network for the meal benefit solution.

Sodexo has been present in India for 20 years now and is a benchmark for tax compliance in meal benefits for employees across medium and large corporates.

This partnership with Zeta will help the company go-to-market faster with other Employee Benefit solutions from its global portfolio.

Together Sodexo and Zeta aim to cater to the fast- changing corporate world and its needs by offering, managing, and delivering quality of life services to both clients and consumers.

"We would love to have our technology adopted by all the clients and consumers possible in the country.

In partnership with Sodexo we can reach a larger number of clients and customers, faster and help them benefit from the savings and simplicity our technology can offer," said co-founder and CEO Zeta, Bhavin Turakhia.

"Through this partnership, we will be able to offer our clients a large range of Employee Benefit solutions using advanced technology.

Through this formidable partnership, CHROs can look forward to unmatched convenience and the benchmark in the Employee Benefits space for trust, expertise and innovative technology," said CEO Sodexo BRS India, Stephane Michelin.

Source: ANI