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  Sweet Thrills
-Paneer Kheer
-Fruit Kheer
-Moong Dal Halwa
-Kesar Rava Sheera
  Hot Thrills
-Spinach Soup
-Hot & Sour
-Tomato Soup
-Mushroom Soup
-Almond Soup
-Corn and Vegetable Soup
-Carrot and Coriander Soup
  Chill Thrills
-Mint Cooler
-Summer Cooler
-Teetotaller Punch
-Virgin Mary
-Litchi Punch
-Strawberry Daiquiri
-Herbal Iced Tea
-Orange and Pineapple Refresher
-Chatpata Nimboo Pani
-Simple Lemon
-Lime and Ginger
-Sweet and Sour Lime
-Sweet Mango
-Green chilli
-Fresh Red Chilli
-Aloo Chaat
-Chilli Paneer
-Baked Bread Roll
-Rice Pakoras
-Spicy Baby Corn
-Spicy Vegetable Vada
-Stuffed Mushrooms with Spinach
-Chilli Cheese Toast
-Fried Noodle
-Russian Salad
-Minty Salad
-Sprouted Moong Salad
-Raw Papaya Salad
-Spanish Salad
-French salad
-WaterMelon salad
-Between the Sheets
-Morning Glory
-Viva Maria
-Tahini Dip
-Cheese Dip
-Zesty Dip
-Curd and peanut crunchy Dip
-Herby Cheese Dip
-Fresh Herbs Dip
-Almond Dip
-Fresh Coriander Chutney
-Tamarind Chutney
-Curry Leaves Chutney
-Ginger Chutney
-Mint Chutney
-Tomato Onion Chutney
-Coconut Chutney
-Tomato Chutney
  Rotis or Indian     Bread
-Bhatura – 1
-Bhatura – 2
-Methi Parathas
-Onion Parathas
-Lemon Soufflé
-Chocolate Orange Mousse
-Apple Pie
-Chocolate Fondue
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India is well known for its exotic spices - so it is but natural that Indian food is spicier and more exotic - when compared to the rest of the world. The degree of chillies and spices used - varies from region to region.

The evening meal, in most Indian homes is eaten together. Everyone sits together and exchanges views and news, whilst they enjoy a good spread. This meal is usually more elaborate.

Breakfast in Indian homes, is simple but nutritious, lunches are usually packed food for students and people who are working. Food packed is popularly rotis with dry vegetables, or seasoned rice.

Festivals - as anywhere else -have the main focus on food. An unbelievable variety of food and sweets are prepared and served. Some particular dishes are synonymous with the festivals- for example in Tamil Nadu; Pongal is celebrated and 3-4 varieties of Pongal is prepared.

Indian Cuisine can be broadly divided into 2 major categories - The North Indian and The South Indian cuisine.

In the north - wheat is more prevalent and so rotis or Indian bread is a must with every meal. All the snacks also revolve around food prepared with whole-wheat flour or refined flour. There an average meal consists of a vegetable, dal, curd, salad and rotis. Rice is optional. A dessert is for occasions.

In the south, rice is the staple diet of the people. An average meal has a serving of rice, with a sambar (a spicy dal with vegetables), a salad curd and vegetables. Sometimes rotis are served in the evening meal. All their snacks revolve around rice. Coconut is added to most of the dishes.
In Urban areas there is mix and match of food, which is more popular.

North Indian Cuisine
Wheat can be considered as staple in a north Indian meal. Usually a north Indian meal consists of Roti or Paratha (Indian bread) and a sabji (gravy made with vegetables).

But, on special occasions or when there is company a four course meal can be served.

First Course : Appetizers and drinks.
Second Course : Salads, Any Indian bread and sabji.
Third Course : Any spiced rice ( pilaf or pulav).
Fourth Course : Dessert or sweets (or lassi).

South Indian Cuisine
Rice can be considered as staple in a south Indian meal. Usually a south Indian meal consists of rice and sambar (curry).

But, here again, on special occasions or when there is company, a four course meal can be served.

First Course : Appetizers and drinks.
Second Course : Any mixed rice and vegetables cooked with spices
Third Course : Plain rice, sambar, rasam and yogurt with pickles (appalam also added for a crisper taste)
Fourth Course : Sweets and paan.

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