India sets Guinness World Records of ‘largest laundry lesson’

Mumbai, May 17 : With 400 young Indian men participating across the country to learn laundry lessons to share the responsibility of cleaning clothes along with the female members of their homes, India achieved the Guinness World Records certificate for the largest laundry lesson on Friday.

National award-winning actor Anil Kapoor joined the function which was initiated by Ariel India and hosted by Mandira Bedi.

The event was part of the #sharetheload campaign.

Talking about the campaign, Kapoor told the participants and media: "I think the most important thing is changing the mindset to share household chores...with more such campaigns we can see the change.

I strongly believe in equality when I was a son, then the husband of Sunita my wife. My belief in equality continued with all three of my children - Sonam, Rhea, and Harsh."

"I am glad that when Sonam married Anand, I was so relieved that Anand's mother Priya also taught her son to share the responsibility of household work along with Sonam."

Then addressing the crowd, the veteran actor said: "It is simple.

If you really want to be a good son and a good husband, you should learn to share the responsibility of household work."

Earlier, the largest laundry lesson involved 318 people, achieved by Lion NANOX Team (Japan) at Lion Hirai Research Laboratory, in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan, on November 29, 2017.



Source: IANS