11 dengue cases in Lucknow in 24 hrs

Lucknow, Sep 9 : Eleven new cases of dengue have been reported from Lucknow in the past 24 hours, which is the highest count in a single day so far.

Five of the patients are women and six men.

While three cases each were reported from Indira Nagar and Gomti Nagar, one patient was from Faizullaganj and other cases were from Kakori and Malihabad.

The condition of two patients, under treatment at SPM Civil Hospital and a private hospital in Indira Nagar respectively, is said to be critical.

Other patients are recovering at home and are stable, said health officials.

Chief Medical Officer Manoj Agrawal said: "The situation is under control.

Activities like anti larvae sprinkle and fogging are being done in the affected areas. Besides, beds have been reserved in hospitals. We have directed rapid response teams to visit these areas with instructions to send a report if anyone is found with dengue symptoms."

However, no death due to dengue has been reported yet in the state capital.

SP leader and ex-minister K.P. Yadav who got infected in Jaunpur, died due to dengue shock syndrome while under treatment in a hospital in Lucknow on September 1.

The Health Department teams found larvae of Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that is carrier of dengue virus, at 37 houses in Faizullaganj and Malihabad localities.

Larvae were also found in a mall in Vikas Nagar.

"At most places, the larvae were found in flower pots or desert coolers.

The Aedes aegypti breeds in fresh water in households and people should not allow water to accumulate at any place in the rainy season," said a health official.



Source: IANS