’13 Reasons Why’ Season Two to see more of Hannah Baker

Washington D.C. [USA], June 5 : It seems like Hannah Baker's story is not over yet in '13 Reasons Why'. As reported by E! Online, Netfilx hit-drama series '13 Reasons Why' will see more of 'Hannah Baker' as executive producer Brian Yorkey feels that her story is not over yet.

While talking at Q (and) A session of Netflix's FYSee event, Yorkey shared, "What I can tell you is certainly one question I got a lot is, well how can there be a season two when the story is over? I'm like, what story is over? And people are like 'Hannah's,' and I'm like, well no, Hannah told her version of the events but there are at least 12 kids that have another version of those events that we haven't really heard from yet, so I think there's quite a bit more of Hannah's story to tell." But, he also revealed that Hannah was not lying on any of the tapes that were made by her explaining her decision to commit suicide.

"I don't think Hannah told any untruths on her tape. I think she told her story and she claimed her narrative which had really been taken from her, so she reclaimed her narrative and said this is the story of my life, but there are other people who might want to tell that story differently or other players in that story might have a different perspective on some of those events," noted Yorkey.

Adding, "I think season two will give us a look at a lot of things-a lot of the events that we think we know, we may learn are more complicated than we thought, and Hannah is even more complicated than we saw season one." While talking about the show's success, Yorkey said that he feels proud what the show did in season one and hopes to continue to tell those difficult stories despite criticism.

Source: ANI