47 differently-abled couple tie nuptial knot in R’than

Jaipur, Feb 10 : A total of 47 differently-abled, underprivileged couple tied nuptial knot at a mass wedding ceremony in Rajasthan's Udaipur district.

The ceremony was organised on Sunday by Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS), an NGO working for specially-abled people.

At this 34th royal mass wedding ceremony, the couples tying the nuptial knot, took a pledge against the dowry system.

More than 30 couples have undergone corrective surgery treatment and vocational training from the NSS.

The NGO also recruited a few couples by offering them jobs that fit their requirements, making them financially independent and employable.

On the occasion, the couples got the blessings of Padma Shree Kailash 'Manav' Agarwal, Founder, Narayan Seva Sansthan, Kamala Devi Agarwal, President Prashant Agrawal, Director,Vandana Agarwal.

Among those who had tied the nuptial knot included Ramu Kumari and Ganpat from Pratapgarh, whose struggles were different after they lost their fathers respectively.

The couple suffer from polio. They had always wanted to settle in a marriage but their disabilities have become the biggest obstacle to find the best and suitable partner.

Ganpat said, "We were both very disappointed as a couple and had lost all hope in settling.

At Narayan Seva Sansthan, I found a partner that suits best to lead a great life ahead. We wish to take this step forward and would like to set an example for couples to not take dowry and start a new phase in their lives.

We say 'No to dowry'. "

Arvind and Sonam from Barabanki was another couple to have been married through the

Narayan Seva Sansthan's Mass wedding Ceremony.

The couple like Ganpat and Ramu Kumari have also pledged to take no dowry.

Newly married Sonam said, "It is really tough to find a suitable life partner after so many physical problems and financial constraints.

We are happy to get married at Mass Wedding Ceremony and hope to have a good life ahead together. We know, it is not going to be easy but together is easy to climb every obstacle by holding hands. "

Since its inception, more than 2,051 differently-abled and underprivileged couples have tied the nupital knot under NSS.

Prashant Agarwal, President, NSS said, "Couples who are differently-abled find it very difficult to marry due to financial constraints and physical difficulties.

It is our social responsibility to fulfil the needs of all couples and offer them a solution to lead a normal life like any other couples".

"This platform of course has made many to connect with their soul mates and find a person who would support the other to make their life worthwhile.

The platform of mass weddings shall be a good one for all these couples in future where the motto is social inclusion, accessible atmosphere, accountability to every differently-abled so that they can be part of mainstream society and play a major role in shaping their life."

Since 35 years, NSS initiated developmental activities like artificial limb distribution, skill education, healthcare support, free food offering, talent nurturing with mass wedding ceremony for the differently-abled to bring them under the same umbrella.

Through 'World of Humanity' foundation, our efforts are to boost the offering free corrective surgery, skill education with nurturing their skills like sports, Agarwal added.



Source: IANS