6-month-old dies of Covid in Chandigarh (Ld)

Chandigarh, April 23 : A six-month girl with congestive heart failure, who was diagnosed with coronavirus in the PGI Hospital here, died on Thursday, officials said.

The six-month-old Phagwara girl detected with coronavirus died at the PGI, Special Chief Secretary K.B.S.

Sidhu, who is in-charge of monitoring the state-wide coronavirus cases, informed in a tweet.

He said her parents, as well as grandparents and all 54 members of the health staff, including 18 doctors, have reportedly tested negative.

The baby, weighing three kg, was diagnosed as a case of acyanotic congenital heart disease with congestive heart failure.

She was earlier hospitalised in a corporate hospital in Ludhiana for 36 days and was subsequently referred to the PGI for corrective surgery, the PGI said in a statement on Wednesday.

"She was admitted to Advanced Pediatrics Centre on April 9 and was critically ill.

She was stabilised and required continuous ventilatory support and antimicrobials. She showed gradual improvement in her general condition," the statement had said.

According to the PGI, after detailed assessment by the cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons, she was due to be taken up for open-heart surgery in the Advanced Cardiac Centre.

However, a preoperative test for COVID-19 returned positive on April 21.

She did not have any suggestive travel history or family contact she did not fulfil the requirements for pre-emptive screening, the PGI had added.



Source: IANS