Accessorising tips for men this festive season

New Delhi, Oct 3 : Fashion has reached the epitome and new trends are blazing the markets this festive season with everyone going gaga to showcase the new styles.

Modern men have come in competition with women geared with vibrant and classy ethnic wear. So how about adding quirk with right accessory?

Ajjay Mehrra, Founder, Ajjay Mehrra Couture and Komal Shahani, Celebrity Costume Designer share style tips for men to accessorize their trendy festive wear and take the lead this festive season.

* The timeless elegance of Jewellery: The days are gone when jewellery was marginalized from men's wardrobe.

This festive season, express your personality and individuality as a style aficionado by pairing subtle yet noticeable neckpieces with your sherwanis and bandhgalas.

Rings and bracelets have also gained a remarkable shape in the recent times in men's fashion. Men's jewelry with precious stones like ruby, emeralds, and pearls are in great demand by the new millenials this season.

* Duppatas and scarfs: When it comes to bandhgalas and jodhpuris, scarfs are the unforgettable accessories that you must have to create the aura full of bravery and masculinity.

The dark colours and artistic patterns in contrast with the dress are perfect to keep you in limelight.

* Cufflinks and pocket square: Your ethnic attire is unfinished unless you pair your bandhgalas, jodhpuris, and suits with magnificently attractive cufflinks and velvety pocket squares.

Although Chiffon, satin or silk Pocket Squares are small accessories yet they are able to vary the look and change the complete persona.

This beautiful accessory has returned to the men's fashion trend after a long exile of decades and has become a forever essential now.

* Footwear: This festive season take your dressing to the next level with a perfect pair of stylized jutis, mocassins, and brogues.

A number of patterns and designs of Jutis are available in the market ranging from Jodhpuri jutis and mojaris to punjabi jutis.

* Broaches and lapel pins: Stepping out this festive season without a broach and a lapel pin will feel like missing an essential part of your dress.

Be it gold, silver or any precious metal, broaches with intricate design work and studded gemstones are true complements to the jewellery and accessories that a man needs in the festive season.

On the other hand, the lapel of your jacket is going to be nude unless you put on a label pin coinciding with your thoughts along with reflecting your personality.



Source: IANS