Achieving great feat at young age, meet Ojaswini Saraf from Jammu and Kashmir

By Vangamla Salle K S New Delhi [India], Mar.6 : Having high dream in life is not unusual, but following the dream with a flow takes great effort and compromising a lot in life.

With her age-group having their gala time in life, care free and full of life, a 19-year-old teenage girl from Jammu, Ojaswini Saraf, has gone a step further aiming for higher feats in life.

In a male-dominated discipline, Ojaswini and other 14 young girls of Team Panthera from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University are all set to participate with their fuel-efficient prototype, the Iris 2.0, at the 2017 Shell Eco Marathon in Singapore which will be held from March 16 to 19, 2017.

This 15 member team is the only all girls team in Asia competing in a male dominated field. Asked about how she got into such an interesting and rare project for a young teenage girl and this is what she says, "When I joined in the first year, there were a lot of college societies who came to told us of all of these interesting competitions and Team Panthera was one of them.

So, they told us how they were building a vehicle. And that was really impressive and I was really excited about it. They had an entire recruitment programme in the beginning and I participated in the programme and got shortlisted and so I became a part of this team".

She further continued, "Making a car is very difficult process; I had actually underestimated in the beginning.

I thought it would be like you work in the car for two hours and you go home something like that. But it is very difficult; you have to do everything from scratch. First, the entire design is made by our seniors; they worked on a lot of software's like CAT and solid works and design the entire framework".

Nevertheless, she was born in Jammu and brought up in Delhi and staying far away from her home state in a safe cocoon, this young lass is all up for her people, concerned for the youths.

"I don't actually live there (J (and) K) so I don't know much but from what I see on the news, I think it's very difficult because their schools and everything is disrupted because of the political turmoil going within.

If they are not going to schools and all the turbulence that is going on, how can anyone expect them to sort of go on with the studies and achieve something," Ojaswini said.

She continued with a piece of advice to the youngsters who yearns and thirst for better and improvement in life.

"I would just tell them to pursue whatever they wanted to do. To try to do whatever best they can and just make an effort because that's all it takes. You need to make an effort and then somehow the universe will give an opportunity and a chance to pursue your dreams," said Ojawini.

Setting great example especially to the girls who like to go beyond their dreams and make the sky is the limit; Ojawini Saraf is truly one of the few young girls looking it out beyond the border and makes it best for the society.

The Team Panthera is now all set for the competition where more than 120 teams from across the Asia including Australia and New Zealand will be participating.

Source: ANI