Actress Seerat Kapoor shares fond memories of grandfather Roshan Taneja

Mumbai, Feb 2 : Actress Seerat Kapoor, who will soon make her Bollywood debut in the suspense drama Maarrich, has fond memories of her grandfather, acting guru Roshan Taneja.

"Dadaji was known as the pioneer of method acting in India even before I was born.

Growing up, I was too little to fathom the gravity it held to coach veterans of the Bollywood film fraternity and the truth is his remarkably humble nature just never let us know," Seerat tells IANS.

"I fondly remember our family vacations, especially the moments I spent with dadu swinging on the hammocks, under the trees of Manori beach.

He would run towards me shouting 'Little Seerie!' and tickle me to my hunger pangs until the pomfret snacks arrived.

He must have easily outdone my parents in the number of times he carried me back home, as I would fall asleep on his shoulders.

Till date, our family reminisces stories of how we were inseparable!" Seerat recalls.

The young actress, who has worked in Telugu films such as "Tiger", "Run Raja Run" and more recently "Krishna And His Leela", says she has grown up observing Taneja and is proud of being his granddaughter.

"I don't think words can do justice to the lessons I have learnt along these years by simply observing him this closely both at the acting school and at home.

As I take my first step into Bollywood, I suddenly don't feel as little today, with the responsibility of living up to his respected legacy.

One which surpassed the educator that he was. He lives on as an institution of good values. Above all, it's been a privilege to be a granddaughter to Roshan Taneja ji, more lovingly remembered as a good human being," she says.



Source: IANS