Adah Sharma on wedding prospects: First I need to find a groom

Mumbai, Feb 11 : Adah Sharma flaunts purple hair in the new music video, Drunk N High. She says freedom to be a bit wonky that way is an advantage that photo shoots and music videos give, over film shoots where you project specific character traits.

"When you are creating a look for a movie, you can't really do too much, for example I can't turn up with green hair colour on the shoot of Commando! But photoshoots and music videos are places where you can actually experiment with hair colour.

Drunk N High gave me a nice opportunity to do that. The video talks about a Halloween theme party and I wanted to have a look which nobody has done before," Adah told IANS.

The purple streak was prompted when she turned cover girl for a wedding magazine.

Would she flaunt such hair on her wedding day in real life?

She laughed and replied: "In real life I don't know if Adah Sharma wants to sit for a wedding at all! First I need to find a groom and then think about my hair colour.

As actors we are always dressed up. So when I'm at home, I prefer to wear casual outfits. Hopefully the right person for me accepts me just the way I am. That would be the time I'll decide to get married, if I ever do!"

Quizzed if she wants to inspire youngsters to be brave with fashion choices, the actress said: "When it comes to fashion, you should totally do what you feel is the best for yourself, just be happy and be you.

A fad or trend comes in and goes out. What's in today will be out tomorrow, but it's your happiness that matters at the end of the day. If you are happy wearing something, just wear it! That's what I do and that's how I'd like to lead my life."

Adah's new film is the short film Chuha Billi, which casts her as a mentally disturbed protagonist.

She also has the second season of the web series, The Holiday, lined up.



Source: IANS