Adarsh scam: Bombay HC asks CBI to undertake probe on ‘benami flats’

Mumbai [India], Oct. 05: The Bombay High Court on Wednesday asked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to undertake the probe of 'benami' flats in the Adarsh society.

The court also ordered further investigation in the scam and said that CBI will be conducting the investigation in the case.

Parveen Wategaonkar, the petitioner in Adarsh Housing Scam said, "The Bombay High Court has asked the CBI to probe further into allegations of four benami flats." He added that the court is not satisfied with the report submitted by CBI.

"The court today issued a specific direction for CBI after expressing dissatisfaction with multiple reports.

Two reports were at least filed by the CBI in the court today to undertake investigation in respect of four benaami flats for which the beneficiaries were two politicians of the then ruling establishment," Wategaonkar said.

"This is a very specific direction for CBI to undertake investigation and submit a report in two months time.

That is the first direction. The second direction is that the court has directed the CBI to explore in respect of allotment of land to other societies...The honorable court has directed to CBI to look into that aspect and file report in that aspect in two months' time," he added.

Speaking to ANI about the submitted reports in the scam, he said, "There were two reports that were submitted.

The court has expressed strong displeasure in respect to both. The court specifically said there has been non-application of mind by CBI in respect of issues raised by me, that is, the applicant." "The CBI has failed to name the two politicians.

That is the purpose why further investigation has been ordered. The Joint Director, CBI was present today. But, he could not satisfy the court that he has taken out all the investigation," he added. A division bench of Justices AS Oka and AA Sayed was hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by Wategaonkar alleging that senior bureaucrats and politicians held 'benami' (proxy) flats in the Adarsh housing society, which were reserved for war widows and personnel of the Defence Ministry.

In April, the court had ordered the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) to demolish the housing society and file criminal proceedings against those involved in dubious activities.

However, the Supreme Court later put a stay on High Court's order in July and asked the central government to take possession of Adarsh society.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the report submitted by the CBI in connection with its probe regarding Adarsh building scam, the Bombay High Court had on September 28 said the document was silent on the points specifically raised by the court during the last hearing.

The 31-storey building was originally meant for Kargil war widows, but many of the flats were allotted illegally to bureaucrats and politicians.

The building also allegedly violated coastal regulation zone (CRZ) norms and civic rules..

Source: ANI